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Challenge 1
Pervasive and Trusted Netwok and Service Infrastructures
Challenge 2 
Cognitive Sytems, Interaction, Robotics
Challenge 3
Components, systems, engineering
Challenge 4
Digital Libraries and Content
Challenge 5
Towards sustainable and personalised healthcare
Challenge 6
ICT for Mobility, Environmental Sustainability and Energy Efficiency
Challenge 7
ICT for Independent Living and Inclusion
Emerging Tech
As well as addressing today's challenges, the ICT Theme also looks further ahead, complementing the Challenges with longterm, high-risk, ‘purpose-driven’ research...
Horizontal support
ICT-based research infrastructures – from supercomputers to genetic databanks and high-peed networks - are essential to high quality research...

Challenge 1: Pervasive and Trusted Netwok and Service Infrastructures

This infrastructure will underpin economic development in all EU regions, and will be at the origin of new services and business opportunities throughout the economy.

Mastering the development of this infrastructure is essential to reaping the benefits of ICTs in areas as diverse as manufacturing and home healthcare. It is an immense challenge to make this network and service infrastructure more robust, resilient and secure

Do you want to be a partner in any of the following proposed projects?

Semantic Integration of Testbeds for Composite Applications and Services
PERIMETER A “Seamless Mobility” paradigm and “Distributed A3M” protocol for Future Internet
End-User agent-based MOnitoring and management for scalable future Networks (EUMON)
Standard Modules for Intelligent Servers using Open Source concept and facilitiesSMISOS
3A-Net: resource Aware Application Adaptability in pervasive mobile Networks
Improving Software Engineering experimental knowledge to improve decision making in development proj
Trusted Service Oriented Computing
Secured Time Synchronization in Wireless Sensor Networks
Adaptive Private Profiling for Large-scale Open Information Systems
USEP (Universal End-User Controlled Privacy)
DEpendable and truSTworthy servIce orieNted sYstems (DESTINY)
Knowledge Object programming (KOP)
Userise: User-centered software development within a virtual enterprise context
A platform for community-based open software development
OpenGeoservices: An Open Platform for the Discovery and Dynamic Composition of Services based on Geo
ROCKET: Reconfigurable OFDMA-based Cooperative Networks Enabled by Agile Spectrum Use
Development of a Service Oriented Middleware for Real-Time Applications on Pervasive Networks-SORAPN
Innovative Systems for the Management, Analysis and Security of Large Computer Networks
SmartServices - Next Generation Service Infrastructure for Constructing, Deploying, Monitoring and E
Open platform for internet security services
VeLVeT: Trusted and Verifiable, Large-scale e-Voting
Interoperable Multimedia Service Platform
Integrated convergent access platforms with low cost services - ICAPLOCS
SAFFRON: A Knowledge-based Semantic Interoperability Middleware for Establishing Self-managing Adapt
Intellectual Multi-Agent Enterprise Resources Scheduler
FRESH MANET - Firmed Refunding and Seamless Handover for Mobile Ad-Hoc Network
P2P2: A Semantic Peer-to-Peer Network for Secure and Trusted Person-to-Person e-Commerce
Cooperative multi-user MIMO processing for self-organized networks
Carrier Class Platform for Personalised Access Services (AGADA)
Dynamic exchange for packets length ( DYE-PAL)
Software components for Infrastructures (Distributed Grid Computing and Network Management)
Service Oriented Future Internet Architecture (SOFIA)
Semantic Integration of Testbeds for Composite Applications and Services
Instant Security for European Citizens (ISFEC)
Adaptive Service Engineering
MASHUP: MigrAtion to Service Harmonization compUting Platform
I-SURF: A Dynamic Interoperability Service Utility Middleware for Collaborative Supply Chain Plannin
Visual Server Interactive TV : VST-iTV
Functional Analysis methods development for the Network (FANet)
rtCESPA (Real-Time Complex Event Stream Processing Architecture)
A flexible framework to enable the integration of net based communications tools for virtual teams..
SMITEM - SME Information Technology Management
I-MAPS: Identity Management, Privacy and Security for Networked Applications
Network Management for dynamic network environments
Advanced Grid Architecture for Trusted computing with Anonymity (AGATA)
Emergency tolerant Cellular Systems handling crisis situation
Broadcast Security for Heterogeneous Scalable Coded Media
Trust and Security architecture and services
Pan-european identity
Viplat - Virtualization Platform for Security Software
Self Organized Mobility and Broadband Access (SOMBA)
OverNet: Overlay Networks for services architectures
Self-Organizing Enterprise Teams (SOET)
Radically-Simplified Systems Management for SMEs
AHEOS – Ad-hoc e-outsourcing system
SMC (Send Mail Control) E-mail Filter
Interoperable and Secure framework for, cross border . Intra-enterprise,Collaboration and...
Privacy Friendly RFID System
Federated Service Management
User-Driven Engineering of Adaptive Mobile Systems
JEE Rich Client Framework with Web 2.0 support
Data Anonymisation with optimal Privacy and Information utility (DAPI)
Virtual MIMO Technologies for High Data Rates in Wireless Communication (MIME)
The Enterprise Unified Exchange (EUX2010)
Automatic Requirements Extracting and Modelling Platform (AREMP)