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The novel cooled gas assisted moulding technique provides major benefits :


  • Low Cycle Times              
  •  Consistent Quality           
  •  Applies to all Polymers   
  •  Environment Friendly
  •  Controls Crystallinity
  •  Smooth Bore Profiles
  •  Eliminates gas leaks
  • Reduces Component Stress

Warwick researchers have developed a new process KoolGas which uses a cryogenic heat exchanger to super  cool the high pressure nitrogen gas before it is injected in to the plastic part. The results are dramatic – KoolGas allows the plastics parts to cool and form 40% faster than by normal methods


Gas Assisted Injection Moulding (GAIM) methods have been used by manufacturers to reduce the weight of plastic products, or to increase the production rate of components.without any detrimental affects to the part quality.

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