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Home & Domestic Jobs 

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Unit 2, High Street,
Lenches Bridge, Pensett,
Kingswinford, West Midlands,
DY6 8DX. UK.

T: 01384 273331
F: 01384 400258

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AD-Fabs Catalogue

Architectural Balustrading
  • Barriers in office suite
  • Ducatti Showroom Balustrade
    Stainless steel  wire balustrade in a motorcycle showroom.
  • Mercedes Showroom Columns
  • Racecourse restaurant balustrades
  • Wrought Iron Railings
    Stainless steel & glass
  • Stainless steel & glass range
  • Balustrade with wood in church
  • S-steel range in retail warehouse
  • Staircase at Newbury Racecourse
    Stainless steel & wire
  • Stainless steel & wire range
  • Ducatti showroom staircase
  • Restaurant balustrades at t' races
    Balustrade for showrooms
  • Balustrade in car showroom
    Architectural Columns
  • Columns & support steelwork
  • Stainless steel handrail
  • Wood handrail detail
  • Wooden handrail in stairwell
    Industrial Balustrading
  • Industrial tube system at school
  • Tube and ball - stainless steel
    Tube & Ball Balustrade
  • Stainless steel - tube and ball
  • Tube & Ball Balustrade
    Play Areas
  • Environmental area balustrade
  • Play Area Balustrades
  • Play area barriers for steps
    Detail of specialist play area safety barriers used on steps.

    Safety Solutions
  • Fire Door
  • Safety gates for lift
  • Security barriers at Courts
    Pallet Gates
  • Pallet Gate
    Wheel Chair Access
  • Wheelchair access in an office
  • Wheelchair user access ramp
  • Wheelchair user's ramp

  • AD-Fabrications | Architectural Balustrading | Industrial Balustrade & Handrail Kits

    AD Fabrications - Balustrade, Handrail & Staircase Solutions for

    • Architectural Impact.
    • Safety.
    • Accessibility.
    • Long Life.
    • Ease of Maintenance.
      Balustrading & handrails provide accessibility in a modern office.

    Products & Services Include:
    Architectural balustrade & handrail systems.
    Retail and showroom architectural feature staircases, balustrades and handrails incorporating;
  • Mild & stainless steel,
  • metal & wood handrails & stair treads,
  • Infill panels with tension wire, mesh panel, toughened glass, and many bar designs.
    Play area guards, barriers, fences, panels, handrails, etc.
    Vandal resistant benches, fences, balustrades, handrails, etc.
    Barrier and handrail solutions for disabled access ramps & routes compliant with the latest standards and legal requirements.
    Industrial balustrade and handrail kit systems inc. tube & ball systems
    Factory & logistic safety equipment; safety rails, pallet safety gates and guards, transport protection, mezzanine safety balustrades and barriers, stairways, ladder top gates, etc.
    Pedestrian control, direction control & access control systems; barriers, balustrades, bollards, collapsible barriers, handrails, gates, and signs.
    Paint finishes for long life, and ease of maintenance. 

  • AD-Fabrications | Expertise in Balustrade & Barrier Projects

    AD Fabrications - Industrial Balustrade & Handrail Kit Systems 

    AD Fabrications have a strong reputation in the design and manufacture of high quality bespoke balustrading. They have recently enhanced their skills and capacity, in partnership with manufacturing support services in the West Midlands, thus significantly improving turnover whilst contributing to the local community. New CAD tools and processes give customers quick and responsive solutions to their requirements. 

    AD Fabrications - Working with the West Midland Region's Centres of Excellence

    AD Fabrications needed to bring additional manufacturing resource and technical skills into the company. They had received assistance on Computer aided Design (CAD) tools and systems from the Manufacturing Advisory Service – West Midlands (MAS-WM) and Wolverhampton University's Innovative Product Development Centre (IPDC). MAS-WM then referred them on to Manufacturing Challenge 3 (MC3) who supported AD Fabrications in bringing on board a skilled CAD Engineer into their Industrial & Architectural Balustrades & Handrails business.

    New Park Village - Skate & Bike Park, Play Areas, Environmental Centre & Seating Areas.

    AD Fabrications' improved the design of a balustrade scheme that can be used in play areas. The design means it can withstand heavy impact, is low maintenance and has superb longevity. One of the first beneficiaries of the system is a skate/bike park. AD Fabrications have also manufactured balustrades that have enclosed an environmental centre on the estate, two further play areas and three seating areas.

    New Park Village, Service Director, Dave Cash enthused: “This system is a fantastic improvement; that makes a real difference to the youngsters that use the facility. By pulling the activity away from the centre of our estate it helps us to make our community a safer place to be.”

    AD-Fabrication General manager Graham Handy said, "This project has been particularly rewarding, We knew that our business had the potential to grow but the interventions from MAS-WM, MC3 and the IPDC have really speeded up progress. Our new CAD engineer has helped develop a complete system to handle our processes, we can now respond to our customers in a more professional and timely way."

    Balustrade & Handrail, Applications, Markets and Settings

    AD Fabrications' balustrades, handrails barriers and stairs can been seen in:
    AD-Fabrication's Balustrading & Handrails in an Industrial Setting
  • Automotive showrooms.
  • Retail spaces, shopping malls.
  • Exhibition areas.
  • Play areas and parks.
  • Disabled access ramps.
  • Transport & logistic areas.
  • Pallet handling areas.
  • Factories and warehouses.

  • Contact AD-Fabrications

    Home & Domestic Jobs 

    Trade Only - Contact
    Unit 2, High Street, Lenches Bridge, Pensett,
    Kingswinford, West Midlands, UK. DY6 8DX

    T: 01384 273331
    F: 01384 400258

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