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Candela LIGHT manufactures contemporary and traditional lighting at its factory based in Birmingham. Applications include street and highway lighting, car park lighting as well as lighting for amenity areas and the brewery and leisure industries.

We manufacture a standard range of styles, as well as design and manufacturing of bespoke products ranging from small batch reproduction of lanterns up to hundreds of columns and lanterns for commercial developments.

Nearly twenty years of continual growth has established Candela Light as, probably, Britain’s largest true manufacturer of external lighting products. Growth is due to high quality design and engineering capabilities, including 3D CAD and modeling, and to making products that meet the precise requirements of the client.

For UK clients, the practical and commercial benefits of dealing with a British manufacturer are clearly apparent. Despite the strong pound, imported products may still be uncompetitive due to the middleman’s ‘mark up’ and there are the attendant problems of lack of flexibility and, in some instances, the failure of products to meet local authority requirements.

Candela Light offers a complete manufacturing service in which all the tools used in the manufacture of our products are either owned or controlled by us. These range from sand casting patterns to complex plastic moulding tools. This makes Candela Light uniquely independent within the industry. We do not factor the luminaire products of other companies.

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