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B70 6NU,  UK
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Keight's Global Tooling

Mould Manufacturers with Global Sourcing of;
  • Thermoplastic injection moulds.
  • Thermoset compression moulds.
  • Thermoset plastic injection moulds.
  • Diecast moulds.

    Specialist mould polishing, optical polishing.


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    Keights Global Tooling | Globally Sourced Injection Mould & Die Cast Tools

    Keights Global Tooling service the UK and International plastic industry with a unique combination;

  • World Tool Pricing.
  • UK & EU standards and standard parts.
  • UK & European support & warranty.
  • Local modifications & maintenance.

    Keights offer the full service specialising in the design and manufacture of;
  • High precision, fully hardened production injection moulding tools.
  • P20, aluminium prototype and semi-production tooling.

    Keight's experience and pride in the products and services offered have allowed them to grow and build strong relationship with every new customer. Their partnership and strong relationship with Global Toolmakers takes the risk out of your outsourcing and offshore requirements.

    The business focuses on tooling, in terms of production, repairs and servicing, and nothing else; seeking to deliver the ultimate in terms of accuracy and quality, so that customers can be sure of getting maximum performance and efficiency out of their tooling.

    High Quality, Low Cost, Tooling using Global Sourcing

    Keight's have introduced an enhanced service for your tooling projects by partnering with international toolmakers to provide world prices with local service & support.

  • Impression material H13 steel hardened to 46-48 Rc. Bolster material P20 steel.
  • Multiple sources of tools up to 19 tonnes.
  • All die sets manufactured to European Standards.
  • Companies are ISO9000:2001 approved.
  • Designs signed off before any steel is cut.
  • Weekly tool progress reports.
  • All tooling is sample moulded with Initial Sample Inspection Report (I.S.I.R.).
  • Sample mouldings (10 to 15) are shipped to customers for approval & sign off.
  • Tools will be shipped & inspected by T.C. Keight Precision Engineers Ltd.
  • All tooling is fully supported by T. C. Keight.
  • Modification, Repair & Maintenance Service provided in the UK.

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  • Keights Global Tooling | Precision Toolmaking Services & Support

    We offer a range of services to satisfy all your needs
    From the design of your mould tools, based on your product concept, a prototype service, to the maintenance, modification and repair service during the complete life of the tools.


    Using the latest Declam Power Shape
    and Power Mill, we can combine our expertise
    in component design and tool design
    with your product requirement, to obtain tooling
    and product design that meets your production needs.
    We work with our customers to enable them to hit deadlines required.
    Product & Tool Design Service

    Global Sourcing for Tooling Projects
    Keights offer high quality, low cost, tooling
    using global sources.
    European standards, fully supported with ISIR reports and local modification & repair service.

    Keights offer rapid prototyping of components
    and a prototype tooling service.

    Prototype tool service.
    Machining Services - CNC & EDM
    Keights offer a machining service using CNC &
    wire eroding to a  table size of 1.2 x 0.7 metres.
    Specialist polishing service also available.


    We will modify your existing mould tools to
    changes of the design of your product,
    to reflect your customers changing needs.

    Yes Keight's can sort out your Chinese tools
    and why not use us for your future
    global sourcing requirements.
    Modifications to your existing mould tools
    We offer a repair and refurbishment service
    to your existing tools.
    Keight's can offer a 24 hour service to customers where required.
    Refurbishment & Repairs Service
    We offer maintenance contracts tailored to your manufacturing and production requirements.
    Tailored Maintenance Contracts

    Our software systems and equipment go straight from design to production, thereby ensuring that there is no loss of interpretation concerning what is required between these stages.

    The equipment can also read many different software systems, which enables us to work with customers own systems, so that customers do not have to compromise their approaches to suit our working methods, instead we lock into yours.

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    Founded by directors with combined experience and technical knowledge, T. C. Keight has been successfully trading for over 20 years. The dynamic management team is able to pull on knowledge built on traditional skills and development, and knowledge built on the latest technology and approaches.

    This combined expertise ensure that Keight's can tackle a diverse range of needs with confidence and competence. Customers can therefore rest assured that they will be getting the most appropriate result for their needs.


    Our Work 
    Keight's is committed to achieving optimum quality through our programme of continual improvement and self assessment. This is demonstrated by our attainment of ISO9001/2000 and GTMA World Class Toolmaker accreditations.
    ISO9001/2000 & GTMA World Class Toolmaker
    Keight's is located in the centrally in the UK, in the West Midlands, 3 minutes from junction 1 of the M5 motorway, accessible to all clients who wish to carry their own supplier audits.
    West Bromwich, West Midlands, UK
    With the latest CAD systems, Keight's engineers are able to work from surface data or paper drawings to produce cutter paths for machining on CNC equipment.
    Technology - CAD to CNC programs
    Keight's clients, many of them blue chip companies, cover all aspects of the plastic industry including automotive, electronics, domestic, pharmaceutical, marine and medical.
    Customers from all sectors of the plastics industry.


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    Products and Services

    Keight's manufacture:
    Production, Prototype &
    Semi-production tools.
    Production, Semi-production, & Prototype Moulds
    Keight's offer the complete range of services. These include component design service, mould design service, a prototype service, they can repair & modify existing moulds, and offer custom maintenance service contracts.
    Mould Repair & Modification Service
    Our customers include some of the leading UK and International car manufactures, as well as recognised small and medium companies.
    UK & European Customers

    We work in all industry sectors including:
    • Automotive
    • Building Products
    • Medical

    • Pharmaceutical
    • Domestic Appliances
    • Electrical & Electronic

    Sectors - from Building Products to Medical

    As well as aspiring to achieve production excellence, we also aspire to reliability in terms of:
    • Prompt turnaround of quotes-within 24 hours if required
    • Fulfilment of delivery lead times
    • Clear communication and resolution of any difficulties encountered
    • Competitive prices

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    Injection Mould Tools

    Injection Moulding Tools
    You can either provide your component design (CAD file) or we will help you with product design from concept to final part, using all the latest advances in mould tool design, such as,
    • Twin shot mould
    • Over moulds
    • Unscrewing tools
    • Hot runner systems
    • Hydraulic cores


    Twin Shot Moulds: Where to give a mixed finish/colour, the finish/colour has to come from a single tool.

    Over Moulds: Where to give a mixed finish, each finish will come from a different tool.

    Unscrewing Tools: Where threads need to be added to the product as part of the finishing process.

    Hot Runner Systems: Which handle multi-impression work or very large parts that require several feed gates.

    Hydraulic Cores: Which enable the retrieving of components where space is limited.



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    Manufacturing Capabilities

    We manufacture high precision fully hardened production mould tools up to 5 tons in weight.  Keight's extensive CNC capacity includes CNC machining  up to
    1250 mm x 750 mm x 600 mm, CNC wire erosion and
    CNC spark erosion.
    Production Moulds
    We build rapid prototype moulds according to your specification. We specialise in materials such as, QC7 or AL 2000, when it then comes to mainstream production we can help you identify the most appropriate materials for satisfactory production processes and usage needs which are cost effective solutions for producing prototype moulded parts.
    Rapid Prototypes
    Sample Mouldings
    Pre-production samples can be provided if required, thereby proving tools before going into production without causing inconvenience.
    Sample Mouldings
    Our policy is continuous aggressive pursuit of excellence in quality, and a commitment to total customer satisfaction. This is demonstrated by our attainment of ISO 9001/2000 and GTMA World Class Toolmaker accreditations.
    Quality - ISO9001-2000, GTMA World Class

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    Submit a Job

    To request a quote from T.C Keight you can send us an email indicating the service or work you require. Likewise, you can submit a job by sending us the CAD file via regular mail or electronically to the same e-mail.

    CAD files should, preferably, be in IGIS format, but we can also work with other formats.

    1. Your Options Are:

    email subject area:
    + Name of your company
    + (Quote/Job Submission)

    email body:
    + Contact at your Company
    + Telephone of your Company
    + Type of service required
    + Description of service or
    + mould tool required
    attach the CAD file (optional)


    2. For sending Large Files
    We suggest burning to a CD, adding the above details, then mail it to Keights
    Trinity Way

    B70 6NU


    3. Any Queries
    Pick up the phone and call us on:
    0121 525 7838


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    What our Customers say

    In order to monitor our performance, we have started sending feedback questionnaires to our customers on completion of the tools. Listed below is some of the feedback we have recieved from our customers


    General Coments
    "I have become accustomed to late deliveries, brush-offs and excuses, but your company has gone a long way to restore my faith in the British Tool Making Industry. Right from the start, the speed with which you return quotes helps to reduce the bottlenecks that so often occurred due to previous toolmakers' delays in replying. Also your response and turnaround on the post-build modifications due to my own oversight helped us to keep the project on time and therefore our customers happy." - S.G., Devon


    Speed and Delivery

    "Fast turn around has enabled [my company] to win orders it might otherwise have lost." - R.J., Lancashire
    "Excellent - as promised, much appreciated." - R.J.,


    "Excellent. Quality at the right price." - S.H., West Midlands
    "Two injection moulders have commented on the very good quality of first time tooling." - R.J.,


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