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Regent Engineering - Your Partner in Production

For a total service in pressed metal components and assemblies, from initial design concept, through prototyping and testing, to volume production, the one name you can rely on is Regent.

Regent Engineering (Pressings & Welded Assemblies) Walsall, West Midlands, UK -- example of 200t press
Regent operates a quality system which is approved to BS EN ISO 9001:2000, and is a preferred supplier of pressings and assemblies to many well-known UK and European manufacturers

Regent Engineering is BSI Registered ISO 9001:2000

Custom Manufactured Parts

Regent policy is to specialise in a number of niche markets where our resources can be focused on providing the highest possible level of service, in terms of quality, cost and delivery.

    As well as pressings and assemblies made to bespoke customer design, Regent also manufacture a small range of standard products for specific applications in the Street Lighting, Security and Hand Tool markets. Click on the appropriate link below to download the associated PDF data sheet.
    Lighting Columns
  • Column Doors
  • Tube Joint Rings
  • Knock-on Pole Caps
  • Weld-on Pole Caps
  • Spring Bolts
    Hand Tools
  • Hilts (Shovel Handles)

  • Profile

    In continuous production for over 60 years, Regent have the skills and experience to undertake the most complex pressed component and assembly supply projects.


    Our 70 strong, highly motivated and capable team is supported by an on-going capital investment programme which is aimed at maintaining a leading position in the market sectors we target.




    Conventional Mechanical and Hydraulic presses from 5 Tonnes up to 250 Tonnes, incorporating large bed area machines, many with die cushions for complex formed shapes. Also specialised machines for very long narrow strip piercing (up to 2200mm). Coil-fed progression presses up to 120 Tonnes.


    Assembly & Welding

    Robotic and Manual MIG welders Spot & Projection Welding to 75KVA Spin & Pop Rivetting Mechanical assembly

    Assembly and Welding


    Coil Feed Blanking and Progression Tool Presses

    Machines from 30T to 120T Mechanical Double Sided and C-Frame– various bed sizes up to 1200 x 800,

    Fixed and Variable stroke up to 150mm.

    Coil Feeding of Mild Steel up to 400 wide x 3.25 thick & 300 X 4.8 thick.

    Second Operation Presses

    44 Machines from 5T to 250T (3), including Double Sided, C-Frame and Column Type, 
    various bed sizes up to 1525mm x 1220mm, Fixed and Variable stroke etc, with and without die cushions, transfer and auto- feeding.


    Special Purpose Presses

     100T Mechanical Brake Press - 3 Metre Bed. Fixed and Variable Stroke. (Set up for in-line multiple piercing and coin countersinking of narrow strip components)
    1  100T Mechanical Knuckle Type Coining Press.


    Welding & Assembly

    5 Robotic MIG Welding Cells, including twin table, rotary table, twin shuttle and twin indexer types. Max jig size up to 2.2 metres long x 500mm access radius. Twin 8 position indexers.
    2 Manual MIG Welding Cells
    2 Spot Welding machines up to 75KvA  
    2 Spin Rivetting Stations



    Various Production Drilling (up to 25mm Dia) and Tapping (up to M12).

    Automated Countersinking.

    Milling and Capstan Lathe machining of Pressings.



    Ancillary Services provided by authorized subcontractors

    Tig Welding Furnace Brazing 
    Painting & Powder Coating 
    Plastic Coating  
    Vibratory de-burring Mechanical and Electro polishing 
    Heat Treatment  
    Hot Dip Galvanising


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    Contact Regent

    Alan Shaw
    Regent Engineering (Walsall) Ltd
    Salisbury Street
    West Midlands
    WS10 8XB
    United Kingdon
    Click here for Regent's Map
    Phone: +44 0121 526 6060
    Fax: +44 0121 526 4789 
    All contacts

    Company Registration 551421
    Vat No 100-6375-16

    Standard Products

    Lighting Column Accessories
  • Sundry Products