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Business Improvement & MBO
Business Turnaround & Sale
Business Turnaround
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Interim Management
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Does Your Business Need Help With The Following?

  • Business Evaluations
  • Business Support
  • Change Management
  • Financial Planning
  • Funding MBI / MBO / Start-up
  • Interim Management
  • Acquisitions
  • Amalgamations
  • Turnaround / Reconstruction
  • Disposals / Closures
  Business Help
If So Solutions Management Consultants Can Help.

Solutions provides assistance to all of these problem areas with hands on management experience, appreciating any financial limitations which may exist.

Company Background

Solutions Management Consultants Ltd. was established in 1989, and has successfully completed projects across a range of industries and business sectors throughout its lifetime. The company has successfully helped many types of companies including start-ups, SME’s, private limited companies, public companies, and local authorities. They have been involved in a range of industries including building products / construction, automotive products, engineering, defence, rubber/plastics, chemical, healthcare, and water services. However, Solutions are not limited to specific industries and will service the needs of customers in any industry segment.

Projects have recently been successfully completed for companies including Severn Trent Water Services plc, Doncaster plc, Energy Technique plc, Benson Group plc, Beehive Nurseries, William Fray Ltd., James Gibbons Windows Ltd., T T Group plc, Brade-Leigh Ltd., and several SME's and start-ups.

The company is a member of the Lamberhurst Corporation consultancy, and uses approved consultants from their network in specialist areas to supplement their own extensive capabilities. All such consultants have been vetted by the corporation and constantly reviewed on each project undertaken, to ensure that appropriately high standards are being maintained. In addition, Solutions is an approved supplier on the West Midlands Supplier Register, and grants will be available on certain projects.

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Business Evaluations

Business Evaluations

  Do you need to reconstruct your company / group?

Do you need to identify the profitable areas of the business?
In many instances gross profit contributions do not highlight the hidden fixed expenses which may occur.

Do you accept budgets provided by local management?

Are they going to give the correct returns?

Do you need a second opinion on major capital projects?

Solutions can analyse the business in detail, identify strengths and weaknesses, re-evaluate the budgets, capital expenditure projects and evaluate any specific areas of growth and put forward realistic budgets.

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Business Support

Do you need business support in the following areas ...

  • Sales and Marketing
  • Manufacturing
  • Information Technology
  • Quality Control
  • Human Resources
  • Business Management / Finance
Business Support

Solutions can provide evaluation. A proposal can then progress and improve the area of concern. In certain instances grants for the cost of the consultancy can be obtained, and appropriate advice is given in this area.

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Change Management / Turnaround

Change Management


Do you need to change the culture of the business to progress?

Do you need to improve the financial performance of the business?

Has a major customer taken his business to another supplier leaving a large gap in turnover?

Are there areas of the business that are malfunctioning?

Do you need to reduce the cost base to maintain profitability?

Solutions evaluates the problems, puts forward proposals in the short / long term, implements any changes such as redundancies that are agreed, and monitors the progress against targets and budgets until the project is complete.

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Interim Management

Do you have a temporary management problem?

Do you need help on a short term basis for a special project / contract?


Interim Management

Solutions can help by assigning management on a short term basis with agreed time span on a weekly / daily basis, either to manage specific projects or to provide executive management across a range of disciplines.

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Financial Planning

Financial Planning


Does the business need long term finance?

Can you take advantage of the potential growth without the correct long term planning?

Do you need to increase capital expenditure to increase productivity and stay competitive?

Do you have a short term cash flow problem?

Has the relationship with your existing lender reached breaking point?

Solutions will evaluate the areas of concern and provide detailed cash flows, profit and loss accounts and balance sheet for the period concerned, identify the most appropriate method of finance using their contacts in the financial sector, and propose a solution.

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Funding MBI / MBO / Start-up

Do you require funding to in order to implement a management buy-out (MBO)?

Is financial assistance required to fund a management buy-in (MBI) of an organisation?

Do you require help in obtaining funding to start up a new business venture?



Solutions can help by using its contacts with financial institutions (banks, private equity, and venture capitalists) to enable it to offer advice on complete funding packages. Solutions will help you complete the transaction with detailed business plans, including financial projections and general legal advice.

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Do you require an outside evaluation?

Are the local management too close or too busy to fully evaluate the downside?

Does the business fit in your long term strategy?

Do you need advice on the strategy and completion of an acquisition?

Do you need help with the actual evaluation and the practical due diligence reports?

Solutions can assist you with identifying a suitable acquisition, evaluate the likely returns, advise on the purchase of the company, and help integrate within the existing company / group.

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Do you have to amalgamate businesses to exploit their full potential and maximise profit?

Have you experienced amalgamations where initial budgets have been exceeded and the potential projected returns have not been achieved?



Solutions will agree the available budget and work with the new management team, complete the amalgamation process, and progress the organisation through the next stage of growth.

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Do you need to reconstruct the business to achieve long term profitability?

Are there structural changes needed to progress to the next stage of development? Or sale of business?

Do you need to strategically change the business before disposal?

Solutions will agree a brief, effect the changes, complete reconstruction, and either complete the sale of the business or hand back to the management.

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Disposals / Closure

Do you need help in planning and managing a disposal or closure?

Do you need assistance in identifying potential buyers?

Do you need an independent manager to plan / implement a redundancy programme?



Solutions will effect the disposal / closure agreeing budgets, and complete all transactions including redundancies and finalisation of statutory obligations.

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Solutions Management Consultants,
33 Dunton Close,
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Sutton Coldfield,
West Midlands,
B75 5QD.

Tele: 0121 308 0612
Fax:  0121 323 5156

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