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Address:   University of Warwick Science Park Ltd
The Venture Centre
Sir William Lyons Road
Postcode:   CV4 7EZ
Country:   UK
Phone number:   02476323000
Fax number:   02476323001
Contact name:   Dirk Schafer
Email address:
WMCCM Rated:   yes

Techmark is an experienced technical marketing team from the University of Warwick Science Park (UWSP) specialising in technical marketing and business development for West Midlands regional companies or ventures.

We have provided a professional marketing service to over 400 businesses since 1996 and our only interest is in developing successful businesses. Whether you are an established business, a start-up company or a pre-start, we can help you!

We provide practical answers to critical marketing questions and identify solutions. We cover all aspects of creating a growing business from start up and how to exploit markets to strategy to managing growth.

We’ve worked with companies who don’t know where or who their market is through to companies who just need to freshen up their approach. Our experience ranges from finding completely new product ideas to revitalising a company, primarily in business-to-business markets. We provide detailed proposals which include customer contact, market research, market forecasts, access to funding, publicity and copy. We ensure it appeals your target customers and fits into your overall plans.

Thanks to our large network of partner organisations and direct access to most regional business support organisations we always deliver sustainable results.


Techmark have extensive expertise from working with SMEs and micro SMEs to define and achieve their marketing objectives. Their primary experience is in technological areas such as ICT and engineering, less so with FMCG and retail. They also have a broad knowledge of current technical and marketing developments.


- Each project is treated as a unique set of requirements.


- Plans include long term as well as short term outcomes


- Aim to deliver ambitious, realistic, sustainable long term improvements in company performance.


- Aim to offer transparency and clarity in everything we do.


- Aim to be open and honest about both the company and ourselves.


- Offer the best and most appropriate solutions for the company via ourselves and others where required.


- Offer support as a critical friend.


Basic line of business:   ICT/Engineering – Novel Products – WM Capabilities
Products and services:   Market Research, Strategic Marketing, Mentoring, Market Introduction, Market Advice, Market Validation, Market Development, Marketing Management, Marketing campaigns
Number of Employees:   4
Annual Turnover (£m):   not given
Annual Rate of Growth (%):   not given
Reference customers:  

CT / Engineering / Manufacturing / SMEs / AWM

End customers:  

CT / Engineering / Manufacturing / SMEs / AWM

Key processes:   Key Process:
Business Processes,Craft and Trade Processes,Design,ICT Process,Prototyping,Research & Development,Services,Supply Chain
Market research

• Look into new technology cluster
• Market driven clusters
• Qualitative/Quantities market analysis
• Global Market potential
• Can you address market?
• Barriers, issues, readiness
(Mastery: Mature, Time In Operation: 14.00 years)

Key Process:
Business Processes,Craft and Trade Processes,Design,ICT Process,Prototyping,Quality, Statistics & Measurement,Research & Development,Services,Supply Chain
Bespoke design options to market

• Market Research programme - look into the technology and Company
• What is the USP – especially unknown/novel markets
• Distil the “message” based on target market, appropriateness, technical abilities, sustainability and budget.
• Bespoke info capture and design route to market
• Dynamic/adaptive experience
(Mastery: Mature, Time In Operation: 14.00 years)

Key Process:
Business Processes,Craft and Trade Processes,Design,ICT Process,Prototyping,Research & Development,Services,Supply Chain
Market Fit & delivery (holistic)

(Mastery: Mature, Time In Operation: 14.00 years)

Key Process:
Business Processes,Design,ICT Process,Prototyping,Research & Development,Services,Supply Chain
Marketing marketing

• Relevant focused Collateral
• Message – Translation
• Copy/ word
• Media development
(Mastery: Mature, Time In Operation: 14.00 years)

Key Process:
Business Processes,Craft and Trade Processes,Design,ICT Process,Prototyping,Renewable Energy,Services,Supply Chain
Global Experience - Local, UK, Europe, World

• Local, UK, Euro and World market knowledge
• Huge network of companies in the UK and abroad

(Mastery: Mature, Time In Operation: 14.00 years)
Key skills:   Role: Project Manager
Civil Engineering,Consultancy,Design,Finishing,ICT Systems Skills,Machining,Process Control,Process Engineering,Project Management,Quotation & Estimating,Research,Sales & Marketing,Scientific Analysis,Service,Strategic Management,Supply Chain Management,Validation & Verification
Bill Taylor

• Production engineering
• IP Ownership
• Very broad range of materials and technology applications
o Precious metals
o Fasteners
• Inventing and getting to market
• Novel products
• Business planning
• Connections between need and technology
• Research for route to market
• ICT cluster experience
(Skill Level: Expert, Years of Practice: 34.00 years)

Role: Project Executve
Administration,Consultancy,ICT Systems Skills,Project Management,Research,Scientific Analysis,Service,Supply Chain Management
Dirk Schafer

• Commercial world experience
• BA/MA marketing, MCIM
• Innovations to market
• Help shape the proposition
• IP protection/support
• Continued innovation
• Layered patents
• Online/offline marketing
• Social media
• Market research
• Writing copy for publications
• German speaker
• Process design
• Routes to market

(Skill Level: Expert, Years of Practice: 15.00 years)
Locations:   Europe, Herefordshire, Shropshire, Staffordshire, UK, Warwickshire, West Midlands, Worcestershire
Markets:   Aerospace, Automotive, Bio-Tech, Commercial Vehicles, Defence, Domestic Appliances, Electrical, Environmental, Fastener, General Engineering, Government, Health/Medical, Household, Hydraulic, ICT, Jewellery, Leisure, Lighting & fixtures, Logistics, Marine, Mechanical Engineering, Mechanical Handling, Media, Entertainment & Marketing, Membership Organisations, Metal Processing, Motorcycles, Motorsport, Oil & Gas, Pharmaceutical, Precision Engineering, Printing, Process Engineering, Professional Services, Public Sector, Public Transportation, Rail, Retail, Rubber & Plastics, Silversmith, Specialised Vehicles, Sport, Steel, Telecommunications, Vehicle Aftermarket
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