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Address:   Unit 5 Thornleigh Trading Estate
West Midlands
Postcode:   DY2 8UB
Country:   United Kingdom
Phone number:   01384455700
Contact name:   john richards
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WMCCM Rated:   yes

Tanmill Cabs deliver the following ranges of Fork-lift Truck Cabs & Cab Kits:

Front and Three-quarter Canopy

This range of forklift cab kits comprises of
·  Steel front screen glazed with safety glass,
·  Windscreen wiper
·  Heavy-duty P.V.C. 3/4 canopy, with press stud and velcro fixings.

Front, Roof and Rear with Side Curtain Option

Steel front, roof and rear screens with laminated glass front & back with a polycarbonate skylight, complete with front & back wipers.

Options include;
·  P.V.C. side curtains with high level clear vision panels.

Full Steel Cabs to your bespoke specification

·  Standard specification includes:-
·  Front & rear wash wipe
·  Heater on engine powered trucks
·  Opening windows
·  Soft interior trim


Tanmill Cabs manufacture ranges of standard cab kits for most forklift trucks and can design cabs and kits to your bespoke design requirements.

Tanmill Cabs supply and deliver cab kits, with a complete fitting service where required. Tanmill can also meet all of your spares requirements.

Tanmill Cabs meet the requirements of the most demanding customers and are investing and expanding to provide you with a more responsive and competitive service.

Basic line of business:   Manufacture of high quality drivers cab kits for fork-lift trucks.
Products and services:   Forklift truck cab kits and spares. Standard designs for many FLTs and bespoke designs for your forklift cab requirements.

Tanmill Cabs also offer complete cab fitting and repair services.
Repeaters:   80
Strangers:   20
Number of Employees:   2
Annual Turnover (£m):   0.3
Annual Rate of Growth (%):   15
Reference customers:  

Barloworld Handling

Continuous improvements:   Meeting the requirements of world class, demanding, customers such as Barloworld Handling.
Competence transfer:   Introduction of in-house laser cutting and press-break capacity to have increased control of customer deliveries and quality.
Key processes:   Key Process:
Fabrication (Metal),MIG welding,Welding
Fabrication of forklift cabs using:
2 x welding bays equipped wirh MIG welders.
(Mastery: Mature, Time In Operation: 3.00 years)

Key Process:
Assembly,Fabrication (Metal)
Assembly of forklift truck cabs including electrical accessories
in the assembly area.
(Mastery: Mature, Time In Operation: 3.00 years)

Key Process:
Metal Sheet Bending,Piercing
Sheet metal bending and punching using:
Press brake machine
(Mastery: Mature, Time In Operation: 1.00 year)

Key Process:
CNC Laser Cutting
Flat bed CNC laser cutting of sheet metals using
1 x 2KW laser cutting machine with 2.5m x 1.25m bed
(Mastery: Under Development, Time In Operation: 0.50 years)

Key Process:
Creation of bespoke cab designs and control of CNC machinery using:
1 x CAD/CAM seat.
(Mastery: Mature, Time In Operation: 2.00 years)

Key Process:
Supply Chain Management
Management of cab kit collation using
supply chain management process.
(Mastery: Mature, Time In Operation: 3.00 years)

Key Process:
Field installation of fork-lift truck cabs, repairs, etc. with:
Field installation network.
(Mastery: Mature, Time In Operation: 3.00 years)
Key skills:   Role: Director
CAD/CAM,Supply Chain Management
Experienced production controller at a cab specialists.
Training includes a business studies degree at Wolverhampton
and on-the-job CAD/CAM training.
(Skill Level: Expert, Years of Practice: 6.00 years)

Role: Fabricator / Assembler
Experienced welded fabrications and assemblies engineer.
(Skill Level: Experienced, Years of Practice: 8.00 years)

Role: Installer
Field installation and repair engineer.
Wide experience of installing cabs for forklift trucks, earth moving equipment, etc.
(Skill Level: Experienced, Years of Practice: 5.00 years)
Locations:   Dudley, Sandwell, West Midlands
Markets:   Mechanical Handling, Specialised Vehicles, Vehicle Aftermarket
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