Catteli Ltd.
Address:   6 Westhill Road,
West Midlands
Postcode:   CV6 2AA
Country:   United Kingdom
Phone number:   07803 243456
Contact name:   Jim McEnery
Email address:
WMCCM Rated:   no

A Revolution in Domestic Lighting

Catteli Limited
is an exciting start-up company who are about to revolutionise the domestic lighting market with their new unique domestic lighting system.

Catteli's patented new product allows domestic light fittings to be attached to existing fixtures in a matter of seconds. This innovative product is compatible with more than 80% of the existing light fittings currently on the market.

This lighting system can be fitted to both new and existing homes, and after the initial installation no further wiring is required, resulting in considerable savings in costs and time for the consumer.

Further information on Catteli and their new lighting system can be obtained from the company’s web site The system can be purchased via the website or from local retailers.

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Jim McEnery 
07803 243456
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