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Address:   16 Well Street
Postcode:   B19 3BJ
Country:   UK
Phone number:   0121 554 0032
Fax number:   0121 523 3585
Contact name:   Steve Hobbis (Managing Director)
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WMCCM Rated:   yes

Vaughtons is a family owned business with a passion for Making Fine Hand Crafted Medallions, Sporting and Council Regalia.

Established back in 1819, Vaughtons grew to be the Largest Medallist in the world, employing over 600 people in its factory in Livery Street. In 1908 they made the Olympic commemorative medallions, and in 1911 they started making medals for the Football League - and they still do today.

Like many traditional industries, Vaughtons went into gentle decline and then joined forces with a similar family-run business. They survive to this day offering traditional, old fashioned high standards of service and quality. All Products are made by skilled craftsmen, here in Birmingham, UK.


  • Medals
  • Olympic Medallions
  • Medals of Office
  • Chains of Office
  • Past Mayor & Officers Badges
  • Shields & Plaques
  • Engraving, Cases & Trophies
  • Badges
  • Cufflinks, Tie Pins
  • Bars & Short Ribbons
  • Spoons and Knives
  • Gifts and Awards
  • Ties, Scarves and Cloth Badges
  • Fraternal Societies
  • Special Awards
  • Cups & Tankards

    Hallmarked Silver and Gold Medals | Olympic Medallions | Silver Gilt Medals | Gold Plate | Silver Plate | Bronze | Polished, Matte or Oxidised finishes.

    Flat-back Medals and Collar Medals in Gold Plate, Silver Plate or Bronze | Small Medals in Gilt, Chrome or Bronze.

    Medals of Office in Hallmarked Silver, Silver Gilt or Gold | Title Scrolls | Ribbon and Loop | Bar and Ribbon | Double Ribbon | Mitred Ribbon | Slide Bars | Custom designs | Stamped or Hand Enamel painted | Engraving.

    Chains of Office | Gold Plated, Hallmarked Silver Gilt, 9 ct Gold or 18 ct Gold | 32 designs available | Repair and Refurbishment | Presentation Cases.

    Past Mayor & Officers Badges | 9 ct Gold, Sterling Silver Gilt, or Gold Plate | Stamped from dies, Casting, Hand-made, single and multi-level construction | Vitreous Enamel | Hand Enamel painted | Neck Ribbons | Breast Jewels from Ribbons and Bars | Brooches | Engraving.

    Shields & Plaques | Highly polished, chrome plated brass | Sterling Silver | Metal or Acrylic Centre Shield enamelled to your own design | 7 to 22 Annual Record Shields surrounding Centre Shield.

    Engraving, Cases & Trophies | Hand Engraving of Silver and Gold items | Machine Engraving - diamond tipped | Block Engraving | Double Cut Engraving | Curved Engraving | Script Engraving | Machine Engraving - drilled, filled with wax or enamel | Cufflink Cases | Medal Cases | Medal Pouch | Leatherette Case | Jewel Case | Chain of Office Case | Folding Wallet | Traditional Quality Trophies - not cheap plastic trophies from abroad.

    Hallmarked Silver badges for prestigious occasions | Badges for Long Service in Hallmarked Silver, Gold and Platinum, set with precious stones | Printed badges | Brooch badges | Buttons | Cap badges | Car badges | Trophy Centres | Clutch badges | Cufflinks | Jewellers Bars | Key rings | Money clips | Name badges | Tie clips | Tie pins | Stick pins | Scarf rings.

    Cufflinks | Tie Pins | Tie Slides | Spoons | Paper Knives | Hallmarked silver and gold | Hand Painted Enamel | Engraving.

    Bars & Short Ribbons | Enamel Title Bars | Engraved Bars | Twin Bar and Ribbon | Slide Bars | Brooch Fittings.

    Silver Plate Spoons | Gilted Paper Knives.

    Gifts and Awards | Illuminated scrolls and scroll holders | Trays and Salvers | Heraldic Shields | Place Mats | Glasses | Coasters | Card Holders | Gavels and Blocks.

    Ties, Scarves and Cloth Badges | Custom designs with your Logo or Crest | Printed | Embroidered | Woven | Handmade or made with computer controlled machines.

    Fraternal Societies | Jewels and badges in 9ct Gold, Hallmarked Silver or Gilded metal | Masonic Lodges | Provinces and charities | Rotarians | Lions | Oddfellows | Probus | Fellowship Trust. Special

    Awards | Sculpted Bronze statue on a marble plinth | Wooden plaque, personalised with a corporate logo in metal and enamel | Silver statue for corporate or sponsored event | Gold, Silver or Bronze Medal encapsulated in acrylic with corporate logo | Drinking glass with logo.

    Cups & Tankards | Sterling Silver or Silver Plate Cups with Black Plastic, Wooden or Silver Plate Plinths | Pewter or Sterling silver Tankards in 1/2 Pint or 1 Pint | Engraving.


  • Refurbishment and Repair service
  • Enamel repairs including hand painting
  • Broken links repaired and refilled
  • Full re-polish and gold or silver plating
  • Additional links added
  • Re-fit loose parts etc. generally riveted (not glued)
  • Fitting of Chain of Office to new velvet collar
  • Manufacture of superb bespoke holding case
  • Neck restraining chain fitted (is your chain not sitting correctly)
  • Loan service of Chain of Office (your Mayor will not be without his important attire whilst repairs are carried out)
  • Full range of Chains of Office from the smaller delicate link for ladies to larger links for a more prominent Chain of Office
  • Your council crest jewel hand painted or die cut
  • Manufacture in metal - choose 9 ct gold, 18 ct gold, sterling silver gilt, metal gilt
  • Day wear pendant on a short ribbon or neck ribbon for example Past Mayor, Consort, President, Town Clerk, Chairman etc
  • New citizen medals, gold silver or antique finishes
  • Velvet collars
  • Carrying case for maintaining the life of the chain and jewel
  • Twinning badges
  • Letter opener with your crest detailed on the handle
  • Spoons with your council crest detailed badges
  • Name badges - your council identified with metal badges polished gold or silver
  • Hand detailed scrolls
  • Gavel and blocks
  • Barrister's wigs
  • Full design service including artwork
  • Valuation ( for Insurance purpose)

  • Ethos:  

    Over three centuries, Vaughtons have developed a reputation for prompt, high quality service. From the earliest days, the company has run on the foundations of craftsmanship and service. Still in family ownership, the company has faithfully maintained these traditions and standards of quality, attention to detail and service.

    When you call the company, your enquiry will be handled personally by the same named individual until your enquiry is resolved.

    In a recent market survey, customers stated they buy from Vaughtons rather than competitors because:

  • "Their policy is one of honesty and integrity in all our dealings."

  • "They have invested heavily in service and quality, and it shows."

  • "They keep their promises, so you take no risks."

  • "They will advise and assist you when you need it."

  • "They have manufacturing expertise second to none."

  • "They give excellent value for money."

  • "If they get it wrong, they will put it right immediately without question."

  • "Their staff our proud of their work and you can see it in their products."

  • "The Managing Director is fully involved and leads by example, so only the best is good enough."

    Customers are often surprised when they ask what is the minimum order quantity? Answer - One!

    Instead of following the trend of importing cheaper items from overseas, Vaughtons have continued to buy British, investing in the UK and local region, and keeping the traditional skills alive.

    They have recently taken on several young "apprentices", so the hundreds of years of experience can be handed down.

    GM | Feb 07
  • Basic line of business:   Sporting and Council Regalia
    Products and services:   Medals
    Olympic Medallions
    Medals of Office
    Chains of Office
    Past Mayor & Officers Badges
    Shields & Plaques
    Engraving, Cases & Trophies
    Cufflinks, Tie Pins
    Bars & Short Ribbons
    Spoons and Knives
    Gifts and Awards
    Ties, Scarves and Cloth Badges
    Fraternal Societies
    Special Awards
    Cups & Tankards
    Runners:   25
    Repeaters:   50
    Strangers:   25
    Number of Employees:   28
    Annual Turnover (£m):   2.8
    Annual Rate of Growth (%):   15
    Continuous improvements:   Investment in new machinery, for example the Schuller Automated coin mint master, which can produce 90 x 2 inch (50mm) coins per minute.

    Health & Safety, environmental impact, waste management and energy saving.
    Competence transfer:   Historically, traditional skills handed down from generation to generation of craftsmen. This continues today with the recruitment of young "apprentices".
    Key processes:   Key Process:

    1 x 250 ton Schuller Automated Coining Press, capable of 90 x 50mm coins per minute.

    2 x HME 360 (360 ton) presses.

    2 x HME 180 (180 ton) presses.

    4 x Blanking Machines.

    24 x Fly Presses.

    1 x 125 ton Overhead Knuckle Press.

    In-house Die Sinker.

    (Mastery: Mature, Time In Operation: not given)

    Key Process:

    2 x Soldering Furnaces with conveyor belt system.
    Hand Soldering.
    (Mastery: Mature, Time In Operation: 200.00 years)

    Key Process:

    4 x Polishers.
    4 x Lathes.
    Vitreous Enamel.
    Hand Enamel Painting.
    Hand Engraving.
    Computer Controlled Engraver.
    Sand Blasting.
    (Mastery: Mature, Time In Operation: 200.00 years)

    Key Process:

    5 Highly Skilled Silversmiths | Silver, Gold, Sterling Silver Gilt, Gold Plate
    (Mastery: Mature, Time In Operation: 200.00 years)

    Key Process:

    Seamstress | Hand Sewing | Embroidery | Weaving | Screen Printing | Computer-controlled machine made | Silver and Gold wire by hand.
    (Mastery: Mature, Time In Operation: 200.00 years)
    Key skills:   Role: Managing Director

    Management, Sales, Design.
    Passionate about buying British and maintaining the traditional skills in the region, encouraging 100's of years of skill to be handed down to new young "apprentices".
    (Skill Level: Experienced, Years of Practice: 24.00 years)

    Role: Works Manager

    Oversees every process in the company.
    (Skill Level: Experienced, Years of Practice: 24.00 years)

    Role: Designer

    Design of medals and badges, including custom designs for Corporate Logos, Coat of Arms, Crests, Shields and Plaques, Fraternal Societies, Special Awards, and Sponsored Events.
    (Skill Level: Experienced, Years of Practice: 5.00 years)

    Role: Press Shop Foreman

    Supervises 3 x Press Shop Hands, each with 15+ years experience.
    (Skill Level: Experienced, Years of Practice: 30.00 years)

    Role: Silversmiths

    5 x Highly Skilled Silversmiths.
    (Skill Level: Experienced, Years of Practice: 10.00 years)

    Role: Enamellers, Engravers

    3 x Skilled Enamellers, Hand-painting.
    2 x Engravers, Hand Engraving and Computer Controlled Engraving.
    Each with 10+ years experience.
    (Skill Level: Experienced, Years of Practice: 10.00 years)

    Role: Polishers

    4 x Polishers, each with 10+ years experience.
    (Skill Level: Experienced, Years of Practice: 10.00 years)
    Locations:   England, GB, Ireland, Northern Ireland, Scotland, UK, Wales, West Midlands Region
    Markets:   Government, Sport
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